The wait is now over since RO-EXEC (Krampus executor) allows you to use your preferred Roblox game on a PC. Nearly a year has passed since the Roblox executor for Windows was removed.
Thankfully, you can now download the Ro-exec executor on your computer in order to abuse Roblox games. Let me clarify that the Krampus executor is not a free Roblox exploit before you disregard this page and download it.

It is not something you can just download and use to run Roblox scripts, unlike Roblox Mobile executors. Given the complexity of the download and installation process for the Ro-exec executor, we have developed a comprehensive website that walks users through every step of the process.

We will provide you with instructions on how to use the Krampus executor, commonly known as roexec, on in addition to providing a download link.

Now without further ado, let’s begin:

Ro-Exec Executor

What Is Ro-Exec or Krampus Executor?

Roblox scripts may be launched on Windows devices via an application called Roexec, also known as Krampus. For those who are unaware, Roblox scripts provide a tonne of extra functionality, but you have to use executors like Roexec to access them.

Notably, Roexec is an executor for Roblox on PCs. Roblox scripts can be executed on mobile devices with the use of exploits such as Arceus X, Hydrogen, Delta, CodeX, and Fluxus.

Notably, at this time, Roexec is the only Roblox executor available for PC download and use. A number of exploits, including Krnl, Synapse X, Script-Ware, and Electron, were formerly available, but they were all rendered inoperable by Roblox’s latest anti-cheat.

Many people have bought the executor’s weekly or monthly memberships since it was released, and the vast majority of them have expressed gratitude for the developers’ efforts. I am aware that many people cannot afford to subscribe to Roexec on a weekly or monthly basis, but the cost is justified. Try out its weekly membership if you haven’t already.

Subscription for RO-EXEC (Krampus Executor)

As previously indicated, Ro-exec offers two premium subscription plans at this time: Weekly and Monthly. The cost of the Weekly subscription is $7.8 (7 days).

On the other hand, monthly subscriptions are available for $24.49 a month. I suggest getting Ro-exec’s Weekly subscription if you want to give it a try on Windows but haven’t bought it yet.

If you like its features after that, you can subscribe to it on a monthly basis.

Download RO-EXEC or Krampus Executor

App Screenshots

Features of Ro-Exec

The following are some helpful features that Roexec provides:

No Key Is Required

You don't need to obtain a key from unaffiliated websites like Linkvertise, in contrast to KRNL, Arceus X, Codex, and Hydrogen.

Simple Injecting Procedure

The Ro-exec, often known as the Krampus executor, is incredibly easy to inject. To inject the executor, simply download and double-click the.exe file.

UI that is user-friendly

Ro-exec has an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive UI. Using Roexec, running Roblox scripts is more easier than with previous Roblox vulnerabilities.


Round-the-clock Customer Service

No matter when you run into problems or errors with Krampus or Roexe Executor, you will have a team to help you fix it.

Constantly Revised

In contrast to other Roblox exploits, Ro-exec updates quickly. You will receive an update for Roblox within a few minutes or hours of its release.

How Can I Get the Krampus Executor (Roexec) on Windows?

The Roexe or Krampus executor was recently published for Windows, but many people are unaware of how to get it, set it up, and utilise it.

You may be having trouble installing it and using it to run Roblox scripts on Windows while you are here.
In the scenario, take the actions listed below:

  • Go to the official Roexec website
  • Once on the website, scroll down and select the “DOWNLOAD” option.
  • Clicking on it will direct you to the Download page’s main screen.
  • You will see every detail imaginable about the PC executor there.
  • Select the “Latest Download” button now. When you do, a purchase request for the Ro-exec 7-Day Licence and Ro-exec 30-Day Licence will appear.

  • Before choosing the 30-day option, I first advise you to purchase its 7-day licence. Click the “Buy” button on the far right side of the selection to accomplish this.
  • Now, select “Continue” and turn on the toggle to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your email address now in the text field displayed in the image above.

  • Click the Purple Continue button after entering. Next, you must select your preferred method of payment and complete the transaction.
  • You will receive a license key in your email after the payment has been completed.
  • Visit after getting the key, and if you haven’t already, register.
  • The Roexec license key will need to be entered during the registration process on this website.

  • After creating an account successfully, access its dashboard.
  • Now, as seen in the image above, swipe right till you see Ro-exec.

  • Next, select the Download icon found in the Krampus provider area.
  • The downloading procedure will begin as soon as you click on it.
  • After downloading, locate the downloaded folder and extract it.
  • After extracting, open your browser, go to, and enter your Roblox username and password to log in.
  • Open the game you want to take advantage of after logging in.
  • Double-click the.exe file located in the extracted folder after the game has loaded.
  • The command window will show up when you do that. There, you must wait to receive the notice indicating that the injection was successful.

  • After injecting, return to the dashboard and copy the script for the game.
  • Next, select the Execute button as indicated by the image above.

  • A window with several options will now open for you.
  • Select your preferred option now and take advantage of the game.
  • That is all.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Is Roexec Available for iOS & Android Downloads?

No, Roexec is only compatible with Windows-based devices at this time. You will have to wait as the developers have not yet made any mention of using it on iOS, Android, or macOS.

Q. Does Every Version of Windows Work With Roexec?

Indeed, Roexec works with every version of Windows. Nevertheless, I suggest utilising Windows 10 and Windows 11 for an improved experience.

Q.  Krampus Executor, or Roexec, is it free?

No, Roexec is a Windows Roblox executor that costs money. You will need to purchase one of its subscriptions in order to utilize it to execute Roblox scripts.

You must take part in giveaways held on YouTube and Discord if you still wish to utilize it for free. Most likely, if you win, you’ll receive a license key good for both seven and thirty days. You can only obtain Roexec or Krampus executor for free by doing this.

Q. Is Roexec Secure?

Yes, downloading and using Roexec on Windows-based devices is completely secure. It is only secure, though, if you obtain it from reliable websites or its official website.

You could end up in trouble if you get the Krampus executor from an unreliable source because those sites sometimes offer spyware and viruses in their downloads.

Q.  Can You Run Any Script With Roexec?

Yes, you can easily run practically any Roblox scripts on Windows by using Roexec or Krampus.